Dump the Trump: Janitor Dumps Donald Trump.D

Dud, I’m bored as fuck 18 year old barely legal waifu dumped me (ugly, so I don’t give a fuck). i like trump

Now I decided to change political party again just to fuck with visitors who will be like “Hey, didn’t you say Trump is love and life”. Yes, he is. But I found this dank meme sick af. With janitor humiliating Trump with garbage can, HILARYous. 10/10 would rape.

No gorillas we’re harmed while writing this post (#dicksoutfortriggeredjanitor)

Trump hosted SNL back in 2004 when his then-new show, “The Apprentice,” was blowing up the TV ratings.

Donald is a figure larger than life, and he knows it.

“It’s great to be here at SNL,” Trump said in his opening monologue, walking out on stage in a purple tie and tailored suit. “But I’ll be completely honest: It’s even better for SNL that I’m here.”

The cast of SNL even managed to get Trump to wear a frumpy janitor suit and tape a fake mustache to his face for a skit with the most-excellent Darrell Hammond.

So was Donald funny on SNL? Trump is a so-so actor/comedian. He was clearly delivering his lines back in 2004, recalling from rehearsal where to stand and what to do. But Trump was laugh-out-loud funny at times, if only because it was impossible not to laugh when he made fun of his own hair.

“It looks like you killed a squirrel to me and put it right on top of ya head,” Trump-as-janitor tells Hammond-as-donald.

An interesting sidenote: When the skit requires donald to change back into his expensive suit, he noticeably stands a little taller and delivers his lines with more confidence. “You know, I think I’m going to like being a prince,” he says.

Anyway. Donald wasn’t running for president back then (though he thought about it). So maybe he felt he didn’t have as much riding on the line when he agreed to spend a whole hour making fun of himself.

Proof that Janitor and Donald J are not the same person

Soon some new art gallery and crap with our best shitty janitor stuff we can find, now if you ended reading this: Fuck off


  1. omg our great leader donald jefferson trump got humilliated.
    fuck u janitor, u deserve not getting paid shit, u deserve to be old as fuck

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