Janitor got laid AND married with a young waifu

10000% Real, read full original article here: http://www.abc.es/sociedad/abci-youtube-chica-pide-matrimonio-conserje-instituto-60-anos-201609191736_noticia.html

I personally suspect that janitor used drugs and threatened to kill the waifu, because dating someone who is old as fuck is weird as fuck but waifu is not pretty so I guess she wanted dick


A young Scottish 18 years old waifu has left the entire country ashamed by proposing marriage to her high school janitor, a man of 60 years old as fuck. Love came when, two years after leaving school, the girl met him at Uncle Frankfurt Restaurant.


The betrothal has been posted on YouTube, where it has already accumulated five views. That night, she lost her virginity with the janitor of her institute: “We were watching shrek 1 and 2, he took me with his powerful janitor hands and it got hot. It was my first time, but I liked the chocoleche ” said the waifu. “I did it for jani”


Janitor got fired, he didn’t care because they didn’t pay him enough.

Original article a.k.a. boring (not modified by me):

A young Scottish 18 years has left open-mouthed all over the country to propose marriage to his high school janitor. An old man of 60 years of sweatyness. He emerged love when, two years after leaving school, the girl met the Member’s a McDonalds in East Renfrewshire. The betrothal has been posted on YouTube, where already accumulated tens of thousands visualizations. Jim Kerr, which is the name of the sweaty concierge, had just separated from his wife after 36 years of relationship when he met Young, Lisa Miller, decided to prepare a small feast encourage him.

I could not afford much, but tried to be so special as I could. ” That night, she lost her virginity to the concierge at your school. “They were watching movies, one lying above the other, and put hot thing itself. It was my first time, but did not feel pressured and was Comfortable “said the girl. Nothing heard the news, said goodbye a Kerr Center. However, the relationship did not break. On September 2, she asked him to marry her is half the  Airshow, as seen in the following YouTube video.

The couple has left nothing to chance. Aware that, for obvious causes, Kerr morira Mucho antes. Have decided that Miller Work To Do not depend on your salary: “We Nos Each Other And want to be together forever. Jim said he had to start my professional career, because D will not be here long to want to be able to keep to myself “he said. The janitor’s daughter, 32, said that the family has discontinued Relationship With while his ex-wife admits to feeling “devastated”: “We have not divorced and has not yet started the process. Our three daughters are desolate for what he did”


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