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Hello laddes, today we must introduce the Janitorial Horoscope. Depending on the month you were born you identify with a Tony Story character. Do you think that’s fucking dumb? It is, so let’s start.

Janitorial Horoscope

January Facundo, works at Frankfurt Badweiser
February Fiol, Tony’s sidekick and official intern
March Uncle Frankfurt, the local rapist
April Dolphin, from Fiol and Dolphin
May Farqueagol, the child of Facundo and Smeagol
June Maurot, the maltese inmigrant
July Mr Skeltal, has good bones and calcium
August Allahu Akbar guy, brought Tony back to life
September Smigol, attends to extra classes and loses the fucking bus
October Janitor, doesn’t get paid enough for this shit
November The Gang, the corrupt that stole $30k from little kids
December Tony the OGRELORD, formats ur anus

Predictions will be added soon

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