TONI STORY 2: Big trouble with little facundo

Be 60

Be working at Facundo Frankfurt for 20 years now
Be promoted to manager by uncle Frankfurt, the local rapist
A midget kid comes in asking for a job says he is allergic to onions
I ask the laddeh his name
He says: Farqueagol, the child of Facundo and Smeagol.
I must murder this useless piece of drek
He ask me the time
I tell him it’s formatting time
(Start transforming into new secret Ogre Machinegun Weapon Armor)
I use the Ubuntu free cds as ninja shurikens
He is so short the shurikens can’t fly at such a low level
I stick over 9000 hard disk drives up his ass
Farqueagol doesn’t feel anything since uncle Frankfurt had already broken his asshole senses.
Damn laddeh! Already formatted I’ll have to create a gpt partition table, I say
(Releases chainsaw ogre arm)
I say: I hope you checked urself befor I wrecked ur bottom laddeh!
Farqueagol doesn’t cry like his dad, he seems to enjoy sado
I stop the massacre hallway through the torso
I start cooking Frankfurt with spatula ogre arm and offer him an onionless Frankfurt (it’s a trap!).
He eats the onionless Frankfurt with facundo happy family
It has ratpoisoning, he dies because ratkid blood runs through his veins
We make foguera with worthless poisoned Farqueagol meat and prepare some onionfilled castañas with Facundo happy Family (without Facundo)
Happy castañada laddeh, I say as Facundo happy family laughs at stupid Facundo and son deaths
Toni is love, Toni is life


(post credit scene: Toni summons a sidekick for his final adventure by executing a command that says touch fio.. screen fades to black)


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