Be 90, be old as fuck
Live in the future
Facundo happy family has been dead for years
They die from cancer, too much frankfurt without onion cure
Frankfurt was closed by oms when they died, retired from work now
Spend all my time training my sidekick
(I summon him typing the command touch fiol)
He is a worthy ogre succesor
Im too weak to transform into my ogre form anymore
Go to pickup the insurence frankfurt money
(Find facundo secret lab instead)
Can’t be Facundo experiments he was too stupid for science
He probably hired scientist with frankfurt money
(Hear evil laughter sound behind me)
Turn around: it’s Facundo!
(I execute the command touch Fiol)
Sidekick appears, ask Facundo how he is still alive
I’m not really Facundo -he says: Facundo has been dead years ago.
Im his secret evil genius twin Fagcundo -Fagcundo says.
Start laughing at ridicolous name
I say: more like gay secret evil genius twin.
(Fagcundo gets really angry and transform into true blue drek moustache final form)
Fagcundo explains evin plan: going to release through his windows server a cancerigen frankfurt virus
This virus is a perfected version that is onion cure proof..
I finally realize Fagundo killed his own family and now will kill everyone.
Fiol must enter the system and stop the virus, but he is not trained well enough, only knows linux commands.
I must tell him but Fagcundo injects me the frankfurt virus before I can help my sidekick. I am agonizing of pain.
Looks like my love and life are almost ogre.
Fiol keeps trying the command: touch fiol, but it won’t work
All hope is lost..
I die, Fiol goes back to the swamp sad about my death
Antony the school janitor is taking a bath naked
Fiol: I have found myself a new Tony master

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