Toni Story

(Toni gets fired for not giving tutoria class and has to apply for a job at Facundo Frankfurt)
Toni: Hello I came from mah swamp to get a job laddeh
Facundo: ggwp you maybe get the work man
Toni: Great laddeh, when do I start?
Facundo: Tomorrow, but only make onionfree frankfurts
(Toni transforms into his final ogre form)
Toni: This is part where you run away
(Facundo starts screaming like the little girl he is)
Toni: Im gonna format your rectum laddeh
(Toni sticks the hard drive disk up Facundo ass)
Facundo: Please use the 2.5” HDD not the 3.5” HDD its too big for my butthole
(Facundo dies from an anal inflamation andd his family makes Frankfurt from his corpse, Toni uses his onion recipe as the new cook)
Toni: That’s more like it laddeh
(Toni starts eating his delicious onion sandwich with Facundo happy family)
Toni is love, Toni is life
(post credit scene: dead Facundoshits his pants, and the shit starts morphing into a child)


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