TONY STORY 4: Interdimensional Drekcable: Toxic frankfurt

Be me
Be Smeagol
Be 42
Work at Uncle Frankfurt Inc 2.0
Serve Frankfurt to some clients
Clients die because of OMS
Smeagol fired and goes to prison
Prison director is corrupted, known as TheGang
TheGang has a big prison, Tony thinks he’s compensating for something
Smeagol sucks TheGang corrupt midget dick like a frankfurt and gets free
Tony ghost comes back from the death in seek of revenge
Smeagol steals a MrMisics box from some weird scientist who says wabalabadingdong
Smeagol tells the Misics to kill the enemy
The Misics kill and rape Smeagol
Smeagol ghost and Tony ghost fight in a epic rap battle of frankfurt
Good morning smeagol your dishonor
Your frankfurt smells like shit
You’re prisoner, in Uncle Frankfurt Inc
Because you were showing frankfurts, showing frankfurts of an almost Farquaad nature
This will not do.
Tony calls the schoolmaster and he suspends Smeagol
Smeagol has to go to half the classes but still goes to all of them
Once in a lifetime facundo wrecks smeagol anus
A piece of shit is born
Be Farqueagol be 12 seconds old
Be allergic to onion
Smeagol die again from anal cancer
Farqueagol swears revenge
Tony ghost eats ghost onion frankfurt
Have sex with ghost bitches harem
Youre all on the right path for a smacked bottom, he says
Ghost Tony is love, Ghost Tony is life
shrek 4

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