TONY STORY XXIV: Bargs to the future

Be Facundo
Be 17
Live in 2015
Bacares build time machine in his car
I steal to sell it for frankfurt money
Cops start to follow me
Hit 88mph, Copernicus high school disappears and turns in to corrupt Thegang Tannen Casino
Try to go home find young uncle frankfurt raping a kid
A car is going to run over uncle frankfurt I get him out of the way
Become inconscient
Wake up, looks like it was a nightmare
Grandma frankfurt wakes me up, looks like everything is fine
<you’ll be alright here back in 1985> says grandma frankfurt.
Turn on the light, grandma frankfurt tits are not touching the ground
Be scared
Go to the dining room see young uncle frankfurt and dad
I ask them about the frankfurt restaurant
They dont know what the fuck im talking about
Be remembering: the frankfurt restaurant was founded to pay the jail bill after the police caught uncle frankfurt raping the kid
I look at my wallet, the frankfurt dollars dissapear.
I need to open the frankfurt again and get back home, must find young tony to help me.
Go to young tony house, he has more hair. He is working on some new formatting technology for crappy 1985 computers
<Great Scott, laddeh>  he says <We gotta send you back to the Frankfurt!>
Tony tells me his plan, I must get Uncle Frankfurt to rape the kid so the police catches him and the frankfurt is founded
I also must plant some onions, to make the onion powered car formatt to work.
I plant the onions but they wont grow until the homecoming dance
I go to uncle frankfurt and tell him about raping the kid, but it’s worse than I thought uncle Frankfurt raped me well I was unconscience and doesn’t want to rape the kid anymore, he just wants ro rape me.
I must come up with another Idea so I go meet with TheGang and ask him for money to start the frankfurt
<What are you looking at butthead? I didn’t come from Zaragoza to give money to some poor frankfurt owner>
I have to convince the kid to go the homecoming dance with uncle frankfurt so he can rape him in the parking lot.
I find the kid and ask him is he’s going to the homecoming dance, he tell’s me he is 8 years old his name is Miguel Matorral. GREAT SCOTT!! its my teacher from school, the one that hates me and put me a detention I didn’t know she was transgender. She won’t go to the dance with Uncle Frankfurt
 TO BE CUNT-INUED? (Maybe just an open ending)

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