We’re hiring! New INTERN position wanted. Great benefits, work with us!

The only requirement is that your name must be Fiol, and we won’t pay shit


As a FrankfurtLife.ga official intern you will create curated dank memes. You will be also required to click the ads several times a day from multiple computers in order to generate income and pay for the indian server this crap is currently running on.


You will get a coupon code for $0,5000 USD OFF your purchase at Badweiser Frankfurt. Minimum purchase 250$ per person, must be a group of 6 and cannot be used with other discounts. Products compatible with the discount: None

Janitorial insurance (we made that up, doesn’t exist).

A free t-shirt of the not so interesting adventures of Fiol and Dolphin, our unaired TV show. Note: You must pay 170$ USD for Express UPS Shipping. Shipping will take 256 months. Check the t-shirt out by clicking here: Fiol and dolphin tshirt amazon