Who is Harambe and why should I take my dick out?

i visited harambe every day
i had all the merchandise and posters
And i prayed to harambe every night for the evolution he has given to the human race
my dad hears me and calls me an atheist
he is just jealous of my devotion to harambe instad of god
i feel a warm powerful hand
it’s harambe
he drags me on the concrete floor of his enclosure
my head hurts
but I do it for harambe
my dad comes into the room with a rifle
he shoots harambe
harambe says: “dicks out for me” and dies
Since that day I got my dick out at all times, forever, for harambe.

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  1. goodnight Harambe I kno you in a better place ☝ lil bro. we do this shit for you onna 4 gang shit only bro #HarambeWorld

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